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Hi Friends,

Get first access to my listings by contacting me for a private tour. 


Finding a home that fits your family isn't easy. As your Real Estate Agent, I’ll be with you every step of the way; from helping you narrow your search, viewing homes, getting offers accepted and guiding you to the closing table. The goal is to let you relax and focus on what matters most.

Congratulations, you just purchased a home. 


Begin by working with a local lender to get you prequalified for your purchase. (Keep in mind to ask about property taxes and any other expenses that may show up.)


In the current real estate environment, be prepared to put your best foot forward and ready to move quickly. When submitting an offer you will want to have your inspector on standby and attorney ready to go. Preparedness helps you stand out from other offers.


You may negotiate offer terms based on inspector findings, but sellers have the right to deny any requests.



Once buyer and seller sign contracts, you are officially in full contract and your new home is taken off the market.



Once the commitment is issued, appraisal is complete and file is cleared, the attorneys will work together to set a closing date.



Organizing your needs and wants, such as budget, home size and location will help with finding ‘the one’. It isn’t always easy but we will get there.


Once you have an accepted offer, move quickly to get a home inspection done. Consider using a home inspector your agent knows! (they usually are available to work immediately) 



Once terms are agreed upon with you and the seller, the sellers attorney drafts contracts and sends them out to your attorney. Using an attorney that specializes in real estate transactions is best.


Your lender will work on getting you a loan commitment and to underwriting so your file can be cleared. Be sure to ask about the dos and don’t of spending. Ie: car buying and/or moving large sums of money.


Prior to closing, your attorney will give you final figures that you will need for the closing table.
A final walk thru is done to be sure the home looks the way it did the day you made the offer.

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Hey Michelle,

I am thinking of buying a home.

The buying process is a lot to navigate alone, insure you have a great team around you.

Thanks for submitting!

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